Wuxi City Chifeng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality electronic insulation materials and one-stop service for global customer.

      After years of development, CHIFENG has established a set of elite team of research and development, production, processing and marketing. Now our main products are two major categories: copper clad laminate sheet and electrical insulation materials.

      Copper clad laminate sheet is subdivided into: aluminum-based CCL, paper-based CCL FR1 & XPC, and glass cloth-based CCL FR4, CEM1 & CEM3.

      Electrical Insulation material is divided into: epoxy glassfiber sheet/rod/tube, phenolic cotton cloth sheet/rod/tube, phenolic paper sheet/tube, and silicone rubber sheet, PTFE, Vulcanized fiber sheet and a series of products.
      Besides raw material, We also provide CNC processing services, Only need you sent the drawing to us. We will organize professional processing team to figure out solutions for checking.

      With the continuous deepening of the market, our company is also constantly enrich product line to meet more broad needs of more customers.